10 Creative Ways to Use Facebook Live

Charles K. Davis Jr.
11 Jan 2023
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Facebook Live is a powerful tool for businesses to connect with their audience, showcase their products or services, and generate engagement.

In fact, according to Facebook, users spend 3x more time watching live videos than pre-recorded videos. As a service provider, it's important to utilize Facebook Live to your advantage.

Here are 10 creative ways to use Facebook Live to promote your business and engage your audience.

Behind-the-Scenes Look
  • Behind-the-Scenes Look

Give your audience a behind-the-scenes look at your business by showcasing your workspace, employees, and daily operations. This gives your audience a glimpse of the inner workings of your business, which can help build trust and loyalty.

One example of a brand using a Behind-the-Scenes Look strategy through Facebook Live is Starbucks.

They frequently use Facebook Live to take their audience behind the scenes of their coffee shops, roasting plants, and events. By showing their audience the daily operations of their business, they are able to build trust and loyalty with their customers.

In one of their Facebook Live sessions, they showcased the process of roasting coffee beans and answered questions from their audience in real-time. This not only educated their audience about the quality of their products but also provided a unique and engaging experience. By using this strategy, Starbucks is able to differentiate themselves from their competitors and create a strong relationship with their customers.

Apple Product Demonstration On Facebook Live
  • Product Demonstrations

Showcase your products or services through live product demonstrations. This is a great way to show your audience how your product or service works, and answer any questions they may have in real-time.

An excellent example of a brand that utilizes product demonstrations to showcase their products is Apple. Apple is known for their highly anticipated product launches where they showcase their latest technology and gadgets to the world. Through these product launches, they provide a hands-on demonstration of their products, highlighting their features and capabilities in a visually compelling way. By doing so, they create excitement and anticipation among their audience, which often translates into high demand and sales.

Another example of Apple using product demonstrations is through their online product videos. These videos showcase the features of their products in a visually appealing and easy-to-understand way, making it easier for customers to see the value of their products. Apple also uses their in-store displays and demos to provide customers with a hands-on experience of their products. This allows customers to see the product's features in action and get a better understanding of how it works.

By utilizing product demonstrations, Apple is able to showcase the unique features of their products in a way that is engaging and visually appealing to their audience. This strategy has proven to be highly effective for Apple, as they have been able to create a strong brand following and loyal customer base through their product demonstrations.

Facebook Live Question and Answer Sessions
  • Q&A Session

Engage with your audience by hosting live Q&A sessions. This allows you to answer any questions your audience may have, and build a stronger relationship with them.

A dope example of a brand that gets down with Q&A sessions to engage with their audience is Def Jam Records. Def Jam is a legendary hip hop label that hosts regular Q&A sessions on social media and other platforms to connect with their audience and answer their questions.

During these sessions, Def Jam's artists and industry experts answer questions related to music, hip hop culture, and more, providing valuable insights and advice to their audience. They also take the opportunity to drop knowledge on new artists, upcoming releases, and other relevant info that can benefit their audience.

These Q&A sessions help Def Jam establish themselves as top dogs in the hip hop industry and build trust with their audience. They also provide a platform for their audience to interact with the label directly, allowing them to feel heard and valued.

By utilizing Q&A sessions, Def Jam is able to create a community of passionate hip hop heads who trust the label's expertise and turn to them for advice and guidance. This, in turn, helps the label establish themselves as a go-to resource in the hip hop world and drive artist and fan loyalty and support.

AIRBNB A great example of a brand
  • Interviews

Conduct live interviews with industry experts, influencers, or even your own employees. This provides your audience with valuable insights and perspectives, and can help build your brand's credibility.

A great example of a brand that effectively uses interviews to showcase multicultural perspectives is Airbnb. As a global travel and hospitality brand, Airbnb recognizes the importance of cultural diversity and actively seeks to highlight the unique experiences and perspectives of people from all backgrounds.

Airbnb features a series of interviews on their website and social media channels that showcase the stories and perspectives of hosts and guests from different cultures and communities. These interviews cover a wide range of topics, from local customs and traditions to personal stories of travel and exploration.

By showcasing these diverse perspectives, Airbnb is able to create a sense of connection and empathy with their audience, while also promoting a message of inclusivity and respect for cultural differences. The interviews provide an opportunity for people to learn about different cultures and perspectives, while also highlighting the experiences and perspectives of individuals from multicultural backgrounds.

This approach helps Airbnb stand out in the crowded travel and hospitality industry by showing their commitment to diversity and inclusivity. It also helps them connect with a broader audience and establish themselves as a brand that values cultural diversity and promotes meaningful travel experiences.

Nike image courtesy of Unsplash
  • Announcements and Launches

Make important announcements and launch new products or services through Facebook Live. This is a great way to generate excitement and buzz around your brand.

A great example of a brand effectively using announcements and launches to appeal to a multicultural audience is Nike. The iconic sportswear brand is known for its innovative products and marketing strategies, and they have taken a proactive approach to appeal to customers from diverse backgrounds.

Nike has launched several initiatives aimed at celebrating diversity and promoting inclusivity, such as their "Equality" campaign, which featured athletes and activists from different cultural backgrounds sharing their stories of overcoming adversity and discrimination. The campaign was widely praised for its powerful message of unity and inclusion.

Nike has also launched several products specifically designed to appeal to multicultural customers, such as their "FlyEase" line of shoes that are designed to be easy to put on and take off, making them more accessible for people with disabilities and mobility issues.

In addition to their products and campaigns, Nike has made a concerted effort to diversify their workforce and partner with organizations that promote diversity and inclusion. These efforts have helped them establish themselves as a brand that values and respects people from all backgrounds, and they have built a loyal following among multicultural customers as a result.

By leveraging announcements and launches to promote diversity and inclusivity, Nike has created a powerful brand that appeals to customers from all walks of life. They have set the standard for other brands to follow, and they continue to innovate and push the boundaries of what it means to be a truly multicultural brand.

  • How-To Tutorials

Teach your audience how to use your products or services through live how-to tutorials. This not only helps your audience learn more about your brand, but also positions you as an expert in your industry.

One great example of a brand effectively using how-to tutorials to engage with their audience is Sephora. The popular beauty brand has established itself as a go-to source for makeup and beauty advice, and they have created a robust library of tutorials that covers everything from basic makeup application techniques to advanced beauty hacks.

Sephora's how-to tutorials are available on their website and social media channels, and they feature a diverse range of models with different skin tones, face shapes, and beauty concerns. This approach helps to make their tutorials feel inclusive and accessible to a broad audience.

Sephora's tutorials are also highly informative and engaging, with clear step-by-step instructions and easy-to-follow visuals that make it easy for viewers to replicate the techniques at home. They cover a wide range of topics, from skincare routines to eye makeup looks, and they are designed to help customers achieve their desired beauty results.

In addition to their online tutorials, Sephora also offers in-store beauty services and consultations with their team of trained beauty advisors. This personal touch helps to build a strong relationship with their customers, and it reinforces their reputation as a trusted source for beauty advice and expertise.

By using how-to tutorials to share their knowledge and expertise with their customers, Sephora has established itself as a leading authority in the beauty industry. Their tutorials are fun, informative, and engaging, and they have helped to build a loyal following of customers who trust and rely on Sephora for all their beauty needs

  • Live Events

Broadcast live events such as conferences, trade shows, or product launches. This allows your audience to experience the event in real-time, even if they are unable to attend in person.

One brand that has effectively used live events to engage with its audience is Red Bull. Known for its high-energy marketing campaigns and sponsorships, Red Bull has leveraged live events to create unique and unforgettable experiences for its customers.

One of Red Bull's most successful live events is the Red Bull Air Race, which is a high-speed aerial competition that takes place in different cities around the world. The event features elite pilots racing against the clock as they navigate a challenging obstacle course in the sky. The Red Bull Air Race is an exciting and adrenaline-fueled experience for both spectators and participants, and it has helped to solidify Red Bull's reputation as a daring and innovative brand.

In addition to the Red Bull Air Race, the brand has also sponsored a variety of other live events, including music festivals, extreme sports competitions, and cultural events. By aligning itself with these events, Red Bull has been able to reach a diverse and engaged audience and build strong brand awareness.

Red Bull's approach to live events is highly experiential, with a focus on creating immersive and engaging experiences for its customers. By creating events that are exciting, memorable, and unique, Red Bull has been able to establish a strong emotional connection with its audience and build a loyal following of customers.

Overall, Red Bull's live events strategy is a powerful example of how brands can use experiential marketing to engage with their customers and build a strong brand identity. By creating unique and unforgettable experiences, Red Bull has established itself as a leading brand in the energy drink market and has helped to shape the way that consumers interact with brands.

  • Collaborations

Partner with other businesses or influencers in your industry to host collaborative Facebook Live events. This expands your reach and introduces your brand to new audiences.

Airbnb and McDonald's recently collaborated on a unique and innovative marketing campaign that brought together two unlikely brands in a creative and exciting way. The campaign, called "McBnB," offered McDonald's customers the opportunity to win a one-night stay at a luxurious Airbnb listing that was designed to look like a McDonald's restaurant.

The McBnB campaign was a clever way for both brands to reach a new and diverse audience. For Airbnb, the partnership with McDonald's helped to raise awareness of the platform among a wider range of customers, particularly those who may not have considered using Airbnb in the past. Meanwhile, McDonald's was able to tap into Airbnb's trendy and innovative brand image to create a unique and memorable experience for its customers.

The McBnB listing itself was designed to look like a McDonald's restaurant, complete with branded decorations, red and yellow accents, and even a McDonald's-themed robe for guests to wear. The listing was available for one night only and included a full McDonald's breakfast in the morning.

The campaign generated a lot of buzz on social media, with many customers sharing photos and videos of their stay at the McBnB listing. The partnership between Airbnb and McDonald's was a great example of how brands can work together to create unique and memorable experiences for their customers, while also reaching new audiences and building brand awareness.

Overall, the McBnB campaign was a huge success for both Airbnb and McDonald's, and it demonstrated the power of collaboration between two seemingly unrelated brands. By working together in a creative and innovative way, Airbnb and McDonald's were able to create a truly unique experience for their customers, while also strengthening their brand identities and reaching new audiences.

  • Contests and Giveaways

Host contests and giveaways through Facebook Live to encourage engagement and increase brand awareness. This is a fun way to reward your audience and generate excitement around your brand.

Brand contests and giveaways have become increasingly popular marketing tactics in recent years, and for good reason. These campaigns can be incredibly effective in generating brand awareness, engaging customers, and increasing sales.

One of the biggest benefits of contests and giveaways is that they create a sense of excitement and anticipation among customers. People love the opportunity to win something for free, and this can be a powerful motivator to engage with a brand and its products. Contests and giveaways can also encourage customers to share information about the brand on social media, which can lead to even more exposure and engagement.

Contests and giveaways are particularly effective when they are targeted towards a specific audience. For example, a makeup brand might run a contest to win a year's worth of free cosmetics for customers who submit their best makeup looks. This type of campaign is likely to resonate with the brand's target audience and encourage them to engage with the brand on social media.

Another benefit of contests and giveaways is that they can be a great way to introduce new products to customers. By offering a free sample or trial of a new product, brands can encourage customers to try something new and potentially generate buzz and excitement around the launch.

Finally, contests and giveaways can be a cost-effective way to increase sales and drive customer loyalty. By offering exclusive discounts or rewards to customers who participate in the campaign, brands can incentivize customers to make a purchase and potentially even become repeat customers in the future.

Overall, brand contests and giveaways can be incredibly effective marketing tactics when executed properly. By creating excitement and anticipation among customers, targeting a specific audience, introducing new products, and driving sales and loyalty, these campaigns can help brands to increase their visibility and engagement with customers.

  • Educational Content

Create educational content such as webinars, classes, or workshops through Facebook Live. This provides your audience with valuable information and positions your brand as a thought leader in your industry.

One great example of a brand utilizing educational content is Duolingo. Duolingo is a language-learning app that offers free, fun, and engaging lessons for users to learn a new language. The app uses gamification techniques, such as leveling up and earning rewards, to motivate users to continue learning and practicing their new language skills.

Duolingo's educational content includes grammar lessons, vocabulary, pronunciation, and conversation practice. They also provide real-world context and cultural insights, making the learning experience more comprehensive and enjoyable.

By offering free language learning content, Duolingo has attracted millions of users around the world and built a strong brand reputation as a trusted and effective language learning tool. They have also expanded their educational content to include courses in other subjects such as math and science, further demonstrating their commitment to providing accessible and engaging education for everyone.


In conclusion, Facebook Live is a valuable tool for businesses to connect with their audience, showcase their products or services, and generate engagement. By utilizing these 10 creative ways to use Facebook Live, you can effectively promote your business and engage your audience.

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